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      "Between you and I"

Welcome to our new line, "Between you and I." 


To answer the pondering  question, why create this type of line, "Between you and I was created, for you. 

As God continues to allow my wife and I to age gracefully, our love continues to glow but our intimacy was continuing to slow. My love for her hadn't changed, but our sexual moods did. After 18 years of marriage, I found myself  desiring something, my body wouldn't let me have; my wife. I deeply wanted to express this to her, but my the embarrassment made me retreat. Finally, about a year ago, I gained up enough confidence to say something and her response was, "me too". We researched, participate, and included ourselves in many fad trials, just to be miserable and end up with more unanswered questions. We went on our own sensual journey and found our intimate niche.  At the end our journey, we realized there were several factors that played pivots roles, in our bodies inability to respond to each other such as, aging, stress, medications, life , careers and us. Now, we're in tune and have all the tools in place to experience true intimacy. We decided to share our products, research, thoughts and our herbal lotions with you. Welcome to our all new, natural herbal line "Between you and I" 


                                                                            ~JAMES & SHAMEKIA 

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