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About Your Nurse

Meet Your Herbal Nurse

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 My name is Shamekia Bryant, I am a Certified Herbalist and I am passionate about people.

Growing up on a farm with my grandparents Charles and Mary Kie, I have always been intrigued about herbs. I can remember my grandmother using herbs to heal burns, colds, bee stings and many other things.  My interest in health, healing, and science led me to complete my nursing degree in 2007. I graduated Summa Cum Laude from Arkansas State College. After my studies I worked as a Registered Nurse in the ICU and Emergency Room. I have always been passionate about holistic living, but the covid pandemic encouraged me to continue my holistic learning journey. While continuing my herbal education, I was captivated to learn that most companies that call themselves natural and organic, have many preservatives and other synthetic ingredients in their products. Now we are here, where I am happily making herbal products.

Our Mission: We believe in Enriching People's Lives with Plants. Herbalists have long spoken about the benefits of plants for health.  Whether it be sipping on herbal tea, breathing their fresh air or using plants for healing uses, there are lots of easy ways to include plants in your life. 

Let My Herbal Nurse help you on your healing journey.