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About Us

Shamekia Bryant, owner and operator of The Herbal Cafe

Shamekia Bryant, owner and operator of, The Herbal Cafe, birthing purpose during the 2020 pandemic was terrifying and overtaxing but imperative to her next move. 
Shamekia began her journey navigating with a growing family as she plowed her way through her Bachelor’s degree to become a registered nurse. Shamekia has always carried a servant’s heart, as she has worked in extremely intense environments throughout her time as a ER nurse. Shamekia found herself praying that her gift to serve would move beyond what she was accustomed to; therefore she found herself researching alternative ways of healing.
Investing in countless books, utilizing online classes, consulting with wise counsel, Shamekia found herself shifting from a standard nurse, to what she likes to call, the herbal nurse; the birthing was right on time.
As the world came to a holt during a devastating pandemic, Shamekia received unprecedented insight on how to assist with combating Covid; the birthing of Shamekia’s patent NO.19 saved communities of believers. Shamekia found herself going further and adding other products that were geared to keeping families alive and well before a vaccine was an option.
Now, Shamekia is a thriving business owner, who operates as a full time Herbal nurse. Shamekia’s products are shipped throughout the states and have even crossed international waters. Shamekia is consistently receiving Heavenly download for supplements that are readily available online or In store.
Shamekia residents in Monroe, La., with her loving husband James Bryant, who is also the co-owner and merchandise consultant. The couple can be found greeting and serving their customers at the Herbal Cafe’. 

The Herbal Cafe

2342 Sterlington Road

Monroe, LA 71203


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