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Winter Weather Warning
As you know, our creams are all-natural, organic, and vegan.

We ship worldwide, so depending on your climate, there can be slight changes to the consistency of your cream.
The changes will not affect the quality or efficacy of your product.  

If your product is too hard, and you would like it a bit softer, please store it in a warm place.
Ex: on top of the dryer, dishwasher or just let it sit at room temperature.

Whipped condition- The whipped condition may change, but it will still be the same nourishing, skin repairing, amazing balm or salve.
If your product arrives soft (as they sit on porches and blazing hot mail trucks), remember to open the jar slowly and carefully. Always store your products in a cool, dry place. (Remember to pick them up right away, so they aren’t sitting in a heated mailbox. Simply stir and place in the refrigerator for twenty minutes anyway or leave them at room temperature for a full day.
Thank you, 
Shamekia Bryant 


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