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Graviola tea is rich in antioxidants and contains potent boby essential minerals and vitamins.

Graviola may be used to treat infections, coughs, weight loss, herpes, and inflammaton of the nose and thoat. The fiber in soursop (up to 7.4 gr per cup) has the potential to ease constipation. It also slows your digestive down and prevents you from craving sugary snacks by maintaining your blood sugar levels. Some research even claims that soursop can fight heart diseases by lowering high cholesterol levels and helping to treat cancer.

🌿🌱Suggested use: To obtain optimal benefits, add 10gr (1/4 of the package) to a liter of boiling water and let it sit for 10-15 minutes. Strain the infusion and serve.

🌿🌱Guanabana / Soursop Leaf Tea contains carbohydrates that can replenish your low energy and increase vitality.

🌿🌱Guanabana is high on vitamin C, and antioxidants are known to boost and strengthen your immune system, improving the ability to defend aganist pathogens.

Soursop Leaves - 50 Ct.

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